Fergusson calls for meeting on equal pay

MSP Alex Fergusson
MSP Alex Fergusson

Galloway MSP Alex Fergusson has organised a meeting for constituents and others who have been disadvantaged by the Council’s settlement on equal pay to meet with a representative of Digby Brown Solicitors to discuss possible legal options.

Speaking from the Scottish Parliament Mr Fergusson said: “So many constituents have contacted me on this issue that I have called a meeting in Troqueer Community Centre at 6.00 pm on Thursday, 30 April to discuss any legal options that might be available to them as they seek a just solution from the Council – which is the employer in this instance”.

“That employer, the Council, has reached an agreement to compensate those Classroom Assistants, Special Needs Assistants and others whose case was taken forward by their Unions. This compensation is for the amount of equal pay that should have been received during the years of negotiating the equal pay agreement”.

“However, several hundred employees were not aware of the claim and now find themselves branded as second class citizens by their employer, which has stated that any further claims will be ‘time barred’. I have no doubt that the Council is legally correct in taking this position”.

“However, I have no hesitation in saying that it is morally wrong – it has created deep divisions in the workplace between those who received compensation and those who didn’t, and achieved the very opposite of the fairness and equality that the equal pay issue was about in the first place”.

“An employment law specialist from Digby Brown Solicitors will be present at the meeting to which all affected employees are welcome. I would ask that anyone wishing to attend contacts me on 01556 504991 or e-mail Gillian.Gillies@scottish.parliament.uk to confirm their attendance”.