Fears after needle is found near school

THE discovery of a used needle during a litter pick near a Stranraer school will “send a shiver down every parent’s neck”.

The worrying find was made on April 6 close to Park Primary in the town during the Keep Scotland Beautiful National Spring Clean campaign.

Carole Noble, head of operations at Keep Scotland Beautiful, condemned the irresponsible culprit who had left the needle. She said: “Dropping any form of litter is unacceptable, but not disposing of used needles in a responsible manner is shocking.

“To ensure that everyone stays safe during any clean-up registered with us, we give the following advice. Many councils have a rapid response team that will remove hypodermic needles or drugs-related litter for you. You should not risk your own safety by attempting to touch or remove it yourselves. If you have identified this as an imminent risk, please contact your council for advice.

“Keep Scotland Beautiful would like to thank everyone who is taking part in the anti-litter National Spring Clean campaign this year.”

And Marion McCutcheon, a candidate for Stranraer and North Rhins in the forthcoming local elections, added: “This is a shocking incident and the consequences are truly chilling. The fact a heavily contaminated needle has been left near a school will send a shiver down every parent’s neck.

“I would reiterate the clear advice of the police for people not to touch any needles or syringes found in the steet.

“Thankfully the litter pick found the needle this time, but many people will regard it as a lucky escape.”