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James Craig Auction Mart
James Craig Auction Mart




844 Prime & Cast Sheep Sold.

663 Lambs sold overall average was 188.9p/kg. Top price per head of £93 was paid for Heavyweight Texels from A Brown, Balligmorrie and K Lochhead, St Ninnians. Lightweights to 207.5p/kg for 40kg Texels from A Wright, Pinmore Mains. Texel ewes sold to £110 from North Kildarroh. Mules sold to £74.50 from Dranniegower and Blackfaces to £64.50 from Barnsahngan.

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel:£93 Balligmorrie & St Ninnians £92.50 Docherneil £90 Challochmun Suffolk: £90, £88, £87 & £86 Challochmun £88 Dirnow £86 Redbrae Zwartbles: £90 North Milton Mule: £89 Barnshangan £79 Cairnbowie Charolais: £86.50 Viewfield Blackface: £77.50 Garrochtrie Beltex: £78.20 Carslae

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Kilo):

Texel: 207.5 & 202.4 Pinmore Mains 204.8 & 191.6 Challochmun 196.4 Docherneil 193 Almont 192 Low Drumrae Suffolk: 191.5 & 190.5 Challochmun 191.1 Redbrae Mule: 181.6 Barnshangan 180 Cairnbowie Charolais: 206.1 Viewfield 195 Pinmore Mains Blackface: 172.2 Garrochtrie Beltex: 195.5 Carslae

Ewes (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel: £110 & £97.50 North Kildarroch Texel Cross: £90.50 Pinmore Mains Suffolk Cross: £83 Cairnbowie Border: £79 North Knockglass Hampshire: £78 Viewfield Zwartbles: £76 Dirnow Mule: £74.50 Dranniegower Blackface: £64.50 Barnshangan AYR – MONDAY 18th JULY 2016

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 2620 Prime and Cast Sheep.

783 Cast sheep easily sold cast ewes to £145 for Texels from W & T Nelson, High Kilphin with Tups to £106 for Texels from Messrs McLellan, Mid Floak, Mules to £81 from Messrs Murray, Harperland with Blackfaces to £60 for 2 pens from B Craig, Rankinston

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £145 High Kilphin £143 Holms of Caaf £134 Kennox Texel Cross: £122 £121 Holms of Caaf Char Cross: £105 Holms of Caaf £104 Holms of Caaf Sfk: £103 £100 Holms of Caaf Beltex: £100 Burnockstone BDM: £80 Newlands Mule: £81 Harperland Bf: £60 (x2) Rankinston £56.50 Glengennet £56 Auchmannoch Lleyn: £76 Ravenscroft Roussin: £70 Mid Brockloch Chev: £82.50 Mid Brockloch Border: £80 High Kilphin

Leading Prices (per head) Tups:

Tex: £106 Mid Floak £102 Holms of Caaf Chev: £100 Mid Floak

1837 Prime Lambs sold average 186p/kg peaking at £96 for Bleu Du Maine heavy weights from T Murray, Harperland and £96 for Beltex from Dykes Farms and to 207.3p/kg for 41kg Beltex from Dykes Farms. Heavy weight Lambs were very scarce today with only 108 Lambs scaling over 45kg which averaged 188p/kg

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Bdm: £96 Harperland Beltex: £96 Dykes £90 West Hillhead £85.20 Bankhead Texel: £94.50 £92 Windyedge Cottage £93.50 Langholm £92 Broadshean £91.50 Baidlandhill £91 Broom £90 Arnsow, Enoch £89.50 High Woodston £88.50 Mossend £87.50 High Gameshill Sfk: £89.80 High Gameshill £88 Auchentiber & Mossend £87 Hallowchapel Rous: £75 Southfield Cross: £70 Avisyard

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 207.3p Dykes 195.7p West Hillhead 193.6p Bankhead Texel: 204.4p 196.9p Windyedge Cottage 202.7p Whinpark 202.4p Lawhill 201.2p South Craigton 201.2p East Revoch 200p Arnsow & Burnockstone 199.5p Oxenshaw 197.6p Fowler & East Revoch Sfk: 192.6p Burnbank 191.3p Auchentibber 191.1p High Gameshill Bdm: 195p Harperland Mule: 178.9p Avisyard

AYR – TUESDAY 19th JULY 2016

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 25 Prime Cattle.

Heifers peaked at 229p/kg for a Limousin Cross from John Crawford, Mansefield Mains and to 227p/kg for a Limousin Cross from Messrs Wallace, High Glentriploch. Steers peaked at 201p/kg for a Char Cross from J Purdie, Birnieknowe. Young Bulls to 184p/kg (twice) for a homebred Limousin Cross from Messrs Gibb, South Hourat

4 Steers averaged 190.4p/kg

15 Heifers averaged 199.1p/kg

6 Bulls averaged 171.7p/kg

128 Cast Cows sold.

Cattle scarce today easily sold, Bulls peaked at £960 for an Aberdeen Angus from J Fisher, Cruggleton. Beef cows to £1110 for a Limousin Cross from J Morrison, Alton Farm with Dairy cows to £980 for a black and white from H Wallace, Clydenoch . Heifers to £1080 for a British Blue Cross from Messrs Smith, Bottoms and Steers to £960 for a black and white from A Allison, Macnairston

Bulls: AA: £960 Cruggleton B&W: £930 Clydenoch

Hfrs: B/B: £1080 Bottomes Steers: B&W: £960 Macnairston


Limx: £1110 Alton £1050 Threepwood AAx; £1030 Whatriggs Simx: £990 Baidlandhill B&W: £980 Clydenoch Ayr: £800 Gilmill Cottage

8 Bulls averaged 96.2p/kg

72 Dairy averaged 91.6p/kg

48 Beef averaged 122.6p/kg

14 Dairy cattle and 89 calves and stirks sold at our weekly sale. Dairy cattle peaked at £1150 for a HF Heifer off Messrs Steel, Kepculloch and calves topped at £485 for a young Limousin Cross Bull off Messrs Mitchell, Fowler and stirks topped at £930 for a Limousin Cross Bullock off Messrs McCubbin, Mossend

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls:

Limx: £485 Fowler £450 (x4) Clauchlands £440 Garheugh £430 Bruchag £415 Cromlet Charx: £475 Cleugh £450 Alton BBx: £400 north Mains £370 & £360 Cronan Short: £360 Mark Farm

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Hfrs:

Limx: £470 (x2) & £440 Fowler £350 Burchag £330 Cronan BBx: £420 £400 & £340 East Brockloch £345 Cronan Charx: £410 East Side Shortx: £340 Mark Farm AAx: £340 Overside

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Hfrs:

Limx: £930 Mosside (Ayr) Charx: £800 (x5) Glenconner B&W: £610 Drummockloch


MONDAY 18th JULY 2016


Wallets Marts Castle Douglas Limited held their fortnightly sale of Store and OTM Cattle on Monday 18th July 2016 when all classes met a strong demand.

A small selection of store cattle were a plainer quality show than the previous sale selling to a top price of £1020 for Simmental bullocks and £1000 for Simmental heifers, all from R G Dunlop, Cannee. Top price per kg for bullocks was 240.4p paid to DR W J Locke, Park of Tongland for Limousin crosses whilst Simmental heifers from the same home topped their section at 209p per kg. Overall averages levelled at 203.6p for bullocks and 200.2p for heifers.

OTM cattle were once again easily cashed topping at £1120.54 for a Luing from Arbigland Farms. Next up at £1012.69 was a Hereford cross from Moss-side. Overall average was 125.1p per kg or £755.69.



Auchtralure £915


Park of Tongland £875


Cannee £1020



Park of Tongland £720


Cannee £1000



Arbigland £1120; Palmallet £1054


Moss-side £1012; Arbigland £1002; Cotland £929; Cogarth £848



Wallets Marts Castle Douglas Limited held their weekly sale of prime and cast sheep on Tuesday 19th July when they sold 990 lambs and 291 ewes.

Prime lamb trade, whilst back on the week, was still 38.5p per kg ahead of the same week last year. Topping the sale at 230.5p were a pen of Texel lambs from Michelle MacTaggart, Dunjop and selling to local butchers Ballards, King Street, Castle Douglas. Top price per head of £96 was paid to T M Struthers & Son, High Currochtrie, Drummore. Overall sale average levelled at 187.3p or 188.4p for the SQQ. Average price per head was £77.64 with an average weight of 41.2kg.

Cast ewes sold dearer on the week to top at £89 for a pen of Texel crosses from Mossyard. Blackface ewes sold to £57.50 off Whitepark Drive. Leicesters sold to £86 off Mossyard; Lleyns sold to £68 of Auchenbanzie; Cheviots sold to £71.50 off Meikle Kirkland and Scotch Mules sold to £69.50 off Kenmure, Kirkcowan. Ewes averaged £53.95.


32.1 – 39

Average 187.45p

Top 212.8p


Gelston Castle £83


Breckoniehill £80; Barlauchlan £77; Cullinaw £74; Carton Croft £67


39.1 – 45.5

Average 188.48p

Top 230.5p


Dunjop £94.50; Castlehill £82.50; Breckoniehill £82;


High Currochtrie £84.50; Castlehill £80.50


Boreland of Girthon £70; Culdoach £68


Gelston Castle £89, £86; Meiklewood £83.50; Clonhie £81


45.6 – 52

Average 180.31p

Top 199.0p


High Currochtrie £93; Barstibly £90;


High Currochtrie £96; Longacre Road £94.50; Barnboard £93.50;



Mossyard £89;


Kenmure £69.50; Meikle Kirkland £69


Mossyard £86


Whitepark Drive £57.50; Cullinaw £56; Culdoach £55.50