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1134 Store & Breeding Sheep sold at Newton Stewart’s Blackface Draft Ewe Sale.

Blackface Ewes had a ready and willing ringside of buyers. 582 sold to average £58.77 (-£3.85 on the year). The sale was topped at £84 for 2 Crop ewes from G Galloway, Kirkhaugh. Gordon also had the second top price of £67 twice for a pen of 2 crop ewes and then for a pen of 3 crop ewes. 4 Crop draft ewes sold to £66 for a pen from J & T Scott, Garchew and then from WC & MJ Ferguson, Markdhu. The 110 Blackface Gimmers averaged £81.79. These were again led by G Galloway, Kirkhaugh at £100. The 120 Stock Ewes & Gimmers of regular ages from G Galloway, Kirkhaugh averaged £77.73. Breeding sheep sold to £82 for a pen of Lleyn Cross gimmers from G Cuthbertson, Lochton Mill and to £74 for Mule Ewe Lambs from Knock O’ Luce Farmers. 294 Store Lambs sold averaged £48.65. They were led at £58.50 for Texels from M/s Westby, West Glenstockadale and then to £56.50 from W Hunter, Gleniron. Mule Lambs sold to 348.20 from Knock O’ Luce Farmers.

Leading Prices:

Blackface Gimmers: £100 Kirkhaugh £87 West Glenstockadale £82 Dromore Blackface Ewes: £84 & £67 (x2) Kirkhaugh £66 Garchew & Markdhu £65 Dalhabboch £64 Markdhu £63 Barnvannoch, Shennas £61 Drannandow £60 Glenvernoch Lleyn Cross Gimmers: £82 Lochton Mill Texel Stores: £58.50, £53 & £45.50 West Glenstockadale £56.50 Gleniron £50.50 Carty Port £48.50 Knock O’ Luce £46 Wood of Dervaird Mule Stores: £48.20 & £39.50 Knock O’ Luce Suffolk Stores: £48 Boreland