False alarms with good intent

The controlled burning at the old Stena terminal site.
The controlled burning at the old Stena terminal site.

Firefighters in Stranraer responded to two false alarms made by members of the public after large fires were spotted in the waterfront area.

However these fires were controlled burning by workmen clearing the old Stena terminal site.

Stena line have been doing work on the site over the past few weeks.

This has included for example fence repairs, demolishing old buildings and a general tidying of the site.

A spokesman for Scottish Fire and Rescue said: “On Friday 2 December the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was called to two false alarms with good intent close to the old Stena Line ferry terminal near Stranraer.

“At 2.46pm we were called to a fire on an area of hillside across from the terminal harbour. This was controlled burning by a commercial business.

“Two hours later we received another call to the terminal itself.

“Again, this was controlled burning under licence and no nearby properties were affected.”

A Stena Line spokesperson said: “The local authorities were advised that there would be controlled burning of waste materials on the Stranraer site which the contractor has a license to do.

“The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) have also inspected the site and all burning is within the proper regulations.”