Falconry mystery continues

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MYSTERY continues to surround Galloway Falconry Centre this week after persistent attempts to contact its owners have failed.

The business was thought to have gone under last month after customers who had gift vouchers called the firm to book their slots meeting birds of prey at the Dalry centre.

But customers were faced with disconnected phone lines and abandoned accommodation, and have been left scratching their heads as to where to go next.

One lady contacted us this week to say she finally made contact with a woman on a mobile phone number who told her business was operating as normal and that she should come along as planned the following Monday. She also offered to email directions to the customers, but these didn’t materialise.

However, the customer and her friends made their way to the centre anyway and were given a different address by a neighbour, this one in Parton. So off they went but when they arrived, they found empty bird cages stored to the rear of the property and despite lights on inside the house, no one answered the door.

She said: “We tried calling the number back again but it was just turned off.”

Threads on the issue posted in the International Falconry Forum website were removed by administrators last week, causing anger amongst some users.

The Galloway Gazette have also been unsuccessful in making contact with the owners.