EU funds continue for now

EU funding continues to support community projects in Galloway, with news that over half a million has been handed over this week through the LEADER programme.

One of the biggest beneficiaries was the Whithorn Trust Iron Age Roundhouse project, which received £54,300 towards total project costs of £183,761.

However following the recent EU Referendum result where the UK voted to leave the EU, there is uncertainty over what will replace European funds in the future.

Whithorn Trust spokesperson Julia Muir Watt told The Galloway Gazette: “We’re absolutely delighted that LEADER has made such a significant contribution to our project, which now enables us to get it under way. It’s a hugely exciting project, with opportunities for young people and other volunteers to get involved in the process of making such a historically important building.

“Recent results from the Black Loch excavations have made it even more exciting, with revelations about the massive oak structures in the doorway made in the last couple of weeks. We’re very grateful for all the funds received and to LEADER for having faith in our experimental approach and are looking forward to the works finally taking shape.”

Following the first round of decision-making meetings with the Local Action Group, The Dumfries & Galloway LEADER team awarded £549,901.35 of LEADER funding.

Programme manager Nicola Hill said: “We have a great track-record of helping applicants to realise their projects and Dumfries & Galloway has seen a tremendous benefit from this over the years so we will continue to work with applicants to deliver the best programme we can with the resources that we have.”

Securing £83,448 were Solway Coastwise, who will employ two project staff, secure consultancy resource and encourage volunteering.

Speddoch Hall Rebuild at Dunscore gets £130,000 and the Annan Harbour Action Group gets £43,900 towards developing the harbour.