Ethel’s window

Whothorn's super knitter Ethel Brolls. GG 2407095 12
Whothorn's super knitter Ethel Brolls. GG 2407095 12

CHARITY knitter Ethel Brolls has been honoured in her home town with a special window display of her knitted items created by the Whithorn Business Association in a disued shop.

Since 2001, The Ethel Brolls’ Romanian Orphan Knitting Appeal has sent over 60,000 garments to underprivileged children in Romanian. Hearing about her work, other knitters from all over the world have been inspired to take up their needles on Ethel’s behalf. The goods collected by Ethel in Whithorn are then transported to Romanian via the Blythswood Care lorries.

Julia Muir Watt from the WBA said: “The Business Association repainted the window where the exhibit is and renovated the front, using volunteer Committee members, in order to brighten up the town and in order to make creative use of a disused shop. We’ve so far exhibited Jubilee artefacts and local wedding photographs with floral displays. We’ve always supported Ethel’s charity and have nominated her for some of the awards she has received.”

Ethel recently received special praise from the Raven Trust, a charity that supports communities in Malawi. It read: “Please thanks Ethel Brolls on our behalf. These knitted dolls are highly prized by the poor and orphaned children who have so little and your dolls have already made their mark in Africa.”