Estate agents behind the times

Fewer than half of estate agencies in the UK have a mobile-compatible website, according to a survey by Move with Us.

The company found the surprising statistic despite the growing popularity for mobile web surfing and predictions that mobile browsing is expected to overtake traditional web-use by as early as 2013.

The survey, conducted by Move with Us among independent estate agents from its partner network, revealed that only 40% of agents surveyed have a mobile-compatible website and 70% of the remaining agents did not expect to invest in a mobile website in the near future.

Move with Us is urging estate agents to start investing in their websites now to ensure they are smartphone friendly in order to keep ahead of the competition. In a competitive business environment, agents need to ensure they are adapting quickly to their customers’ needs – and upgrading to a fully functional mobile website will make a huge difference in the future.

Robin King, director at Move with Us, said: “Many estate agents will find themselves losing valuable business because potential customers are unable to access their website and view it in a clear and formatted way. Mobile browsing is quickly becoming the way of the future and it is set to overtake the traditional desktop surfing sooner than we think. Our survey has clearly shown that a lot of estate agents could benefit from developing a mobile-compatible website to help generate more leads, especially when we consider that an increasing numbers of homeowners are already using their smartphones to research their next property move.”