Monrieth flood risk still looms

The water pouring through the dyke behind Ms Stuart's property in January 2016
The water pouring through the dyke behind Ms Stuart's property in January 2016

Almost 13 months on from a serious flooding incident, residents in a Machars village are becoming increasing frustrated with the stalemate over DGHP’s plan to install new drains.

A year ago, The Galloway Gazette highlighted the plight of Monreith homeowner Margaret Stuart, who was one of a handful of people whose carpets and furniture were ruined by flooding on January 28, 2016.

This week Margaret said: “It took me months to get the house sorted and I live in fear of it happening again.”

At the time, the residents put the blame squarely at the door of Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership (DGHP), claiming their new housing development, directly behind their homes, was a contributory factor, something DGHP denies. But DGHP did agree to put in a new drain as “a good will gesture”, but they now claim one homeowner is blocking progress after refusing DGHP consent to do the work.

A DGHP spokesperson said: “DGHP commissioned an independent engineer who confirmed the flooding was not as a result of the new homes being built. But as a good will gesture, DGHP worked with Dumfries and Galloway Council and residents to come up with a resolution.

“Our solution to construct a new path for excess water to be discharged into the local burn can only be progressed with full agreement from all owners at the site. Until we have full consent, we are exploring other options; however these are limited without the permission of everyone involved.”

Galloway MP Richard Arkless added: “DGHP have been very helpful in trying to resolve the flooding issues in Monreith and are ready to begin work as soon as permission is obtained and they would cover all the associated costs but unfortunately, until all the owners agree to this proposal they are unable to act.

“The local Community Council (MADGA) have also tried to help to resolve this situation by speaking to all of the property owners but so far they have been unsuccessful in gaining everyone’s permission.”