Milestone for local wildlife info centre

A Redshank was the one millionth record to be collated
A Redshank was the one millionth record to be collated

The region’s local environmental records centre was flying high as it celebrated gathering a million records of local plants and animals this week.

South West Scotland Environmental Information Centre (SWSEIC) is the local hub for wildlife information in Dumfries & Galloway and Ayrshire.

The Centre collates and shares information about the region’s species and habitats to help paint a better picture of where they are found.

The crucial one millionth record was of a Redshank at Loch Ryan, a wading bird from one of the region’s most important wetlands. The information was part of the county bird records which are collated each year by the county bird recorder and published by the local Scottish Ornithologists’ Club branches in the local bird report.

SWSEIC Manager Mark Pollitt said, “When the Centre was launched in 2004 we had no records collated locally at all. Now, with the help of a growing army of local wildlife enthusiasts and improved sharing of information, we have over a million records helping us to improve our understanding of where both common and rarer species are to be found.”