Help more dogs have a life like Benny

The Scottish SPCA is appealing to animal lovers across the country for support as its centres hit capacity.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 29th March 2021, 4:46 pm
Benny is now loving life after being rescued in 2019
Benny is now loving life after being rescued in 2019

The rise in demand for puppies during the pandemic has led to an increase in the number of raids and seizures of pups from low-welfare puppy farms and dealers.

In 2020 over 136,000 calls were made to the charity’s animal helpline and its frontline team attended an average of 214 incidents each day.

In total 3,369 animals were rehomed and over 7,000 admitted to the National Wildlife Rescue Centre.

The charity cared for over 1,300 animals seeking temporary refuge which includes those involved 317 caught up in court cases.

Benny the cockapoo was was seized by the special investigations unit at Cairnryan ferry port in 2019.

The appalling conditions pups are kept in and can be fatal, but thankfully Benny was taken in to the care of the Ayrshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: “Unfortunately the pandemic has seen a rise in the number of puppies being smuggled in to the country. They are bred for financial gain with no thought given to the welfare of the puppies or their mums.

“We are dedicated to disrupting the multi-million-pound low-welfare puppy trade. Our undercover special investigations unit rescued over 150 puppies from dealers and ferry ports in 2020.

“Our expert teams provided Benny with round-the-clock care and thankfully he survived. Not all dogs are as fortunate.”

Staff at the centre cared for and rehabilitated Benny until he was healthy enough to be rehomed by Stephanie McGahan.

Stephanie said: “When we got him home, he lay down at the door, urinated on the floor and let out a scream that I’d never heard a dog make. It was just so sad.

“It took him a few days to adjust to a home environment, but now he is the h appiest wee soul and I am so thankful he was found when he was.”

Unfortunately, many animals like Benny are still involved in the low-welfare puppy trade and are suffering.

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