Hangover for Sunday from Hurricane Gert

The River Cree onThurdsay morning
The River Cree onThurdsay morning

The Met Office have warned people in South West Scotland to keep a close eye on the weather forecast this weekend as a tropical storm, combined with the remnants of Hurricane Gert, heads in off the Atlantic.

This storm could lead to flooding problems as heavy rainfall has seen the level of the River Cree rise in Newton Stewart, with SEPA issueing a flood warning earlier this week.

Now the remnants of the Atlantic storm which is moving in a north-easterly direction could also bring 1.6in (40mm) of rain for parts of North West England and Scotland on Sunday into Monday.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: “There is quite a bit of uncertainty at the moment as this front is a few days away. It’s a tropical system that has got caught up in the Atlantic flow. Saturday will be cool, breezy, showery and a bit blustery.

“Sunday will have a bright, still start but it will start to cloud over and rain sets in during the afternoon. The exact location of the heavy rain, which will be intense at times and will continue overnight, is not certain. It could well be that south west Scotland is on the northern edge of the front.

“If people have plans for the second half of the weekend they should check the forecast first.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency added: “In terms of flooding for Sunday, there is heavy rain expected, however it’s too early at this stage to know what alerts / warnings may be issued. Its dependent on how the weather patterns develop over the next few days and the areas where rainfall is most concentrated. We’ll have more confidence over the next few days.

“Our general advice would always be to encourage members of the public to remain vigilant, especially in areas susceptible to flooding and sign up to Floodline on 0345 988 1188 for the most up to date alerts and warnings.”

The aftermath of Hurricane Gert is expected to hit the UK, splitting the North and South with very different weather.

The storm, is expected to bring strong winds and rain in the North as it travels across the Atlantic and hits the UK on Sunday. However, the South is set to bask in sunshine, with temperatures forecast to reach up to 27C on Monday as the low pressure system draws warm air up from Europe.

Today the category 2 hurricane will be downgraded to a tropical storm, but as it tracks across the Atlantic it will interact with another low pressure system to the east of Canada, and the two lows will move to the UK by the end of the weekend. The National Hurricane Centre said that Gert was the Atlantic’s second hurricane of the season.