Galloway near bottom of the ‘green’ league

An environnmental group’s study into which areas are best at turning to ultra low-emission vehicles shows our region second from bottom in Scotland’s ‘green transport’ league.

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 3:00 pm
Galloway's green credentials have been called into question

Using Department of Transport data, the Energy Saving Trust found that the only area with proportionally least electric and low-emission cars, vans, lorries and buses was the Western Isles. It has 13 low emission vehicles per 10,000 all types of vehicles while Dumfries and Galloway is slightly ahead with 16 per 10,000.

However, this compares badly to the area with the most green transport, Renfrewshire, with 138 low emission vehicles per 10,000, closely followed by Stirling (135) and Orkney (128).

These top three areas are the only ones in Scotland to get over 100 green vehicles per 10,000 level and the group note that we’ve a long, long way to go to hit the target of 70 per cent of ‘green’cars on the road by 2030.

A Trust spokesperson said: “The creation of ultra-low emission streets in towns help raise awareness about the impact of air pollution and the opportunities for electric vehicles and other low carbon or sustainable transport options but should only be implemented where there is sound evidence and public consultation and calculating the impact on traffic flows on surrounding areas.