Community councillor resigns over pylons sham

Loch Ken
Loch Ken

A community councillor in New Galloway has resigned over a consutation “sham” between residents and Scottish Power over proposed new electricity pylons.

The consultation was between residents and Scottish Power Energy Networks over proposed new electricity pylons.

Stuart Littlewood says the Community Liaison Group set up to provide feedback on Scottish Power Energy Network’s proposals to renew the overhead transmission lines from Kendoon to Tongland doesn’t live up to its promise to interact with communities affected and fully consider their concerns. He said: “The exercise is a sham designed to make it appear that SPEN’s assault on our pristine heritage and landscape has the local communites’ stamp of approval.

“We have had four meetings so far and there’s no sign that our views are taken seriously. For example, we haven’t had an honest discussion about undergrounding, which would solve a lot of problems. So far, SPEN have forged ahead with their plans without paying the slightest attention to objections. In my opinion we were hoodwinked into believing this would be an honest forum where we could make a difference.”

SP Energy Networks said: “The Community Liaison Group has been set up by the Scottish Government to allow communities to raise local issues directly with representatives of the Scottish Government and SPEN project team. The main aim of this is to ensure these issues are fully considered by both SPEN during the pre-application stage and by Scottish Ministers once SPEN submits its formal consent application for the Project (late 2019). The terms of reference for the Group were agreed by CLG members at the first meeting and, along with the minutes from each meeting, have been published in full on the Scottish Government website.”

These can be found at