Election special - Scottish Labour

Fiona O'Donnell (right) on the campaign trail
Fiona O'Donnell (right) on the campaign trail

Our final candidate for Thursday is Scottish Labour’s fiona O’Donnell:

Fiona O’Donnell said, “This election is different from previous Scottish Parliament elections. Big cuts are heading towards Dumfries and Galloway’s schools and hospitals but the tax new powers of the Scottish Parliament mean we can stop the cuts. Voters in Galloway have a new choice. A choice between Scottish Labour who will use the new tax powers and ask those at the very top to pay more to invest in services like our schools. Or the SNP and Tories who have will continue the massive cuts”.

A Labour spokesperson added: “Thursday is a chance for voters to stop the massive cuts being imposed on schools and hospitals in Galloway, according to Scottish Labour candidate Fiona O’Donnell.

“This year alone the SNP Government have slashed the council’s budget by £21.1m including education spending and NHS Dumfries and Galloway faces £13m of cuts.”

“The During the campaign Fiona has set out an Action Plan for Galloway with commitments to:

Choose kids, not cuts – by using the powers of the Scottish Parliament and asking those earning over £150,000 to pay a little more in tax to stop the cuts in our schools.

Increase spending on the NHS to tackle the recruitment crisis in hospitals like the Galloway and in local closure threatened GP surgeries.

Champion our rural area- campaigning for investment in neglected local roads like the A75 and A77, fighting for better broadband and mobile connectivity.

Be a strong voice for local people - ensuring Dumfries and Galloway doesn’t continue to be a forgotten region by the Scottish Government.

Put Galloway first, not the central-belt – by ending the SNP’s policy of centralisation, which has axed hundreds of local jobs.”

Fiona added, “Local people will have TWO votes on Thursday 5th May. By using both votes for Scottish Labour, people across Galloway can choose to stop the cuts”.