Education Scotland praises Education Services in D&G

Education Scotland published its report on the quality of Education Services in Dumfries and Galloway today (21 July 2015).

Although Audit Scotland gave the green light to the service earlier this year, noting significant improvements over the last 10 years, the last inspection of the Authority as a whole was in 2009.

Dr Laura Ann Currie, HM Inspector, wrote on behalf of Education Scotland that the review team found very strong and highly-effective leadership demonstrated by the director, heads of service and senior officers. She said that the Council had a clear vision for education which was effectively shared, rigorous quality improvement, a clear focus on building staff skills to improve learning and teaching to raise attainment and to develop strong leadership at all levels.

The review team commented that staff are committed to deliver the very best outcomes for learners, clear about the need to close the poverty gap and promote this as a key priority.

The report concludes that in looking ahead, Dumfries and Galloway Education Service should aim to realise their potential to become a very high performing authority.

Councillor Jeff Leaver, chairman of the Education Services Committee, said, “We know that we have committed staff across Dumfries and Galloway and we provide excellent experiences for our children and young people. This report now confirms that our Education Services headquarters team provides strong leadership and direction, has high ambition for our staff and aspiration for all our pupils. Education Scotland has told us we should be aiming to be one of the top authorities in Scotland. Parents and communities will be reassured that the commitment and ambition for all young people has led to this endorsement of the Service.

“As chairman of our Council’s Education Services Committee, I’m very proud of our young people in Dumfries and Galloway and their achievements. As we eagerly await the results of exams sat recently, I’d like to wish pupils the very best of success and thank parents and staff for all their support and hard work. This report shows we’re well placed to fulfil our ambitions to be one of the highest performing authorities in the country. We have much to look forward to next year.”

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