Education officers S6 concerns

The current group of S6 aged pupils in Wigtownshire are dragging down otherwise positive exam results for the council’s education authority.

In a report to the Wigtown Area Committee ahead of their meeting on Wednesday, an end-of-year assessment of education services Council education officers stated that there was a ten per cent increase in S4 pupils achieving one higher in one year, up to 48 from 36 per cent, the figures for S4 pupils gaining three highers had also gone up from 20 to 25 per cent and passing five highers had gone up slightly from nine per cent to 11 per cent.

But the figures from pupils in S6 were not so rosy. The pass mark for getting one higher had gone down from 50 per cent to 48, passing three highers was down to 33 per cent from 36, although results for achieving five highers had improved. Advanced higher pass statistics from this age group has fallen from 15 per cent to just eight.

The reason the results for this age group were worrying, according to the report, was because: “It is recognised that this cohort of pupils, now in S6, were the S4 group who caused concern two years ago and the S6 results were not unexpected.”

The number of exclusions from secondary school showed a encouraging downward trend but the exclusions in primary schools that were local authority controlled had gone up. This was due to eight incidents, six of which were attributed to one pupil and another pupil accounted for the other two.