Ecotricity refute ‘California’ health claims


Renewable energy company Ecotricity have responded to claims by the Save Wigtown Bay group in last week’s Galloway Gazette that their proposed ‘California Wind Park’ could lead to health concerns for nearby residents from noise and shadow flicker from the turbines.

An Ecotricity spokesperson said: “There are no predicted health and safety concerns in relation to nearby properties. Shadow flicker occurs in very specific conditions and at much smaller distances from the turbines. The assessment presented in the Environmental Statement, which followed best practice guidance and was based on technical expertise, predicted low levels of shadow flicker. Similarly, our noise assessment found that daytime and night-time noise limits can be met.”

SWB also claimed that 19 private water supplies could be affected by road construction and the concrete blocks used to support the turbines and the Ecotricity had “failed to provide adequate detail on six of these”.

The spokesperson commented: “As for the information on private water supplies, these were clearly identified on a map which was included with the Environmental Statement. The only information missing at the time of Environmental Statement submission were the grid coordinates for six of these – however their locations were correctly marked on the aforementioned plan. The coordinates have now been provided to SEPA in response to their request for further information.

“In addition, proven mitigation measures for every aspect of the construction process will be put in place. These will cover, for example, pollution prevention, soil and waste handling, and drainage management. Therefore, there is no reason to suggest that the hydrology of the site, including private water supplies, will be affected by the development.

“The planning application will be scrutinised by Dumfries and Galloway Council and they will make a determination based on planning guidelines.”