Drunks caught behind wheel total 15

POLICE caught 15 drink drivers in the region during their festive campaign to clamp down on offenders.

The figure, from between 3 December 2012 and 3 January 2013, as compared with 23 for the same period in 2011/2012. Sergeant Billy Broatch of the force’s Roads Policing Unit said: “while it is pleasing to see a downturn in the numbers caught, 15 people were still willing to put their lives, and the lives of others at risk by taking to the road while under the influence of alcohol.

“It amazes me that people still think that it is acceptable to do this. The message is clear and always will be, drink and drive and we will catch you. While the festive campaign has come to an end, our patrols have not. We also urge the public in general to play their part to keep the phone calls coming in if they suspect someone is drink driving. Police can be contacted, anonymously if desired, on 0845 600 5701.”