Drugs worth £3000 seized at Wickerman Festival

Wickerman 2012
Wickerman 2012
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A TOTAl of £3000 worth of illegal drugs were seized by police carrying out searches at this year’s Wickerman Festival near Kirkcudbright.

Police thanked festival-goers for their overall good behaviour at the festival, which was policed to what is now a well tried and tested plan resulting in just a handful of minor offences, according to the force.

Scissor Sisters headline friday night Jake Shears & Ana Matronic. ESGG2019

Scissor Sisters headline friday night Jake Shears & Ana Matronic. ESGG2019

Those attending the festival were met with a police operation as they entered the site which was aimed at combating the misuse of drugs.

Vehicles and people were searched, with the assistance of police sniffer dogs in an attempt to stop illegal drugs being taken on to the site. As a result, 38 people were found in possession of illegal drugs and will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

No people will be reported in relation to the supply of illegal drugs. Of the £3000 worth of drugs found, they included cannabis and herbal cannabis, cocaine, amphetamine, ecstasy and diazepam.

As the festival-goers left on Sunday, those driving off the site were offered the opportunity to take a voluntary breathalyser test and many drivers took advantage of this initiative, which encouraged officers.

Inspector Stewart McColm said: “Once again the good working relationships developed over the years between all those involved in running the festival has paid dividends.

“The low numbers of arrests in high numbers of attendees is a credit to those who come along to the festival. “Our officers engaged with the festival-goers and there was a good atmosphere about the place. The majority of those being searched for drugs were fully supportive of the measures taken to stop this type of activity inside the site.”