Driver’s ban after too much champagne

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A Stranraer businessman was banned from driving for a year this week after admitting crashing his car when drunk.

Byron Loch, 66, of Leswalt High Road, pleaded guilty to failing to stop after his car hit another in the town on September 1 last year and to having 109mg of alcohol in his blood, the limit being 80mg.

The court heard on Monday that Loch had been at 
a family wedding in the 
Machars where he had 
enjoyed champagne.

His lawyer, Paul Feeney, said Loch had “miscalcu­lated” how much he could have at the reception before driving home.

Loch struck a car on London Road at around 12.30am but Mr Feeney said the owner was known to him and Loch had intended to contact them the next morning.

But police noticed the damaged car with debris on the road nearby at around 1.30am before spotting Loch’s car parked haphazardly and showing consistent damage.

He was also fined £200.