Dog warden notes deliver the message

Notes from Dog wardens through the doors of local communities asking for information about dog owners who allow their pets to foul the streets have proved a success.

Jim Hendrie, the service manager for DG First, told the Wigtown Area Committee that one of the council’s community safety team came up with the innovative idea to show residents that wardens had been in their area and to give them the chance to report any suspected culprits.

Statistics showed there were 76 dog fouling complaints in Wigtownshire in 2015, up from 34 in 2014. The number of dog fouling fixed penalty notice served rose to 50 in 2015 from 26 in 2014.

The Scottish Government will introduce an £80 penalty for dog fouling in April, up from £40.

Mr Hendrie said: “I am glad the fixed penalty is going up to £80 as you get the same person again and again. Some have had four tickets and it has no impact on them.”

Dog fouling has been identified as the top gripe of communities across Dumfries and Galloway who branded it their top anti-social behaviour.