Digging up the top prize for Palnure’s Alastair

Alistair Cannon and his certificate
Alistair Cannon and his certificate

PALNURE teenager Alastair Cannon took the top prize in a competition at Ingleston rcently.

the 12-year old from Littlepark Farm and his dad Willie attended The Scott Plant Exhibition 2012 where Sibbald Training Solutions were running a competition to operate a 1.5 ton JCB digger and hook on a new bucket, with the entry fee going to charity.

The winner was the one who could hook it the quickest.

Alastair gave it a go and managed 20 seconds before having another bash and making it 16 seconds. He pestered his dad for a third and final shot before leaving and managed it in 10 seconds.

The pair headed home and Alastair began badgering his dad about what time he thought the winner managed.

So Willie contacted Sibbald Training Solutions who announced that Alastair had won, but they’d misplaced his address.

So he is now the proud owner of a certificate and a model digger.

Alastair’s dad has a plant hire business, so it looks like he might have a new digger driver!