DG One closure contingency revealed

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Councillors at the Policy and Resources Committee on May 21 will be receiving an update on DG One and its pending closure while upgrade works are being carried out.

The update will focus on the alternative arrangements being put in place for customers and staff.

Councillors were informed in January of the need to close DG One to allow remedial works to be carried out to the facility. This means current user groups will have to find alternatives. There are also a number of staff who will not be able to work in the facility during the closure.

Councillors will hear officials have been successful in finding alternative locations for the user groups. Managers have been meeting these groups to give reassurances that they will still be able to meet as clubs and practice their sports.

Staff meetings have also taken place. Managers have been meeting employees to keep them up to date with plans for the closure. All full-time, contracted staff will be redeployed while the facility is closed. Staff were also told that nearly half of them will return to the facility after five months when the dry-side and fitness suite reopen.

Iain Hale, from the Indoor Flying Club, said: “Every cloud has a silver lining. The proposed closure of DG One for four months from next January is disappointing and will cause many of the groups, including our indoor flyers, the loss of a few members because of location change or a time shifted session.

“For our group, however, it is an opportunity to have an earlier start, which I hope will be attractive to many who do not want to be finishing at 10pm with onward travel extending further into the late evenings.

“The DG One team have made known the proposed contingency arrangements well in advance. By offering the opportunity to visit the proposed venue ahead of the change and continuing with the current charging arrangements they continue to demonstrate a willingness to deliver on customer expectations.”