DC warns of dangers on local roads

DC's first driving experience on the open road was in Galloway
DC's first driving experience on the open road was in Galloway

TWYNHOLM’S former F1 racing driver David Coulthard has backed a campaign urging local drivers to slow down on country roads.

With figures showing that 481 people lost their lives on rural roads in Scotland last year, and most of these men, Coulthard has put his weight behind the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland) campaign and TV ads to point out that even racing drivers know to slow down on country roads.

Country roads account for around 70 percent of all road fatalities in Scotland and the biggest cause of accidents is driving too fast for the conditions.

Speaking about the campaign, Coulthard, who won 13 Grand Prix titles during his career, said: “I’m backing this year’s country roads campaign because I grew up in the South West of Scotland, and did most of my early driving around there, so I’m aware that countryside driving comes with its own unique set of challenges.

“Driving on country roads takes more than simply being aware of the basic Highway Code; increased concentration and greater care is needed to adapt to the muddy tracks and changeable conditions which make country roads particularly tricky.”

In the TV ad, Coulthard demonstrates to drivers, through a reconstruction, how even the best drivers in the world adjust their speed on country roads.

The campaign is being rolled out across TV, radio, online and cinema during March to make drivers aware that they don’t have to be going over the speed limit to be going too fast, they should constantly check their speed to adapt to the changing conditions on country roads and that even if people use a rural road regularly, the hazards can still be unpredictable. Driving even slightly too fast to read the road properly can turn avoidable accidents into serious and even fatal ones.

For more information log onto www.dontriskit.info or check out the Road Safety Scotland Facebook page.