Daphne outlines twin ambitions

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An Aussie army cadet has visited 
Newton Stewart to take the twinning of the cadet units to the next level.

Daphne Lam, 22, from 206 Australian Cadet Unit in north Sydney, is in the UK studying at Lancaster University, but she has been in regular contact with Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major Grace Aspden, 17, from Sorbie, with both keen to widen their own cadets’ interests.

Daphne listened in intently to the presentation on how the Army Cadet Force in the UK works, and returned the compliment with an insight into the Australian Army Cadet Force. Although much of the training is very similar in both countries, there are some remarkable differences.

Where the twinning will eventually head to, nobody knows, but all cadets have their own pen pal in the twinned unit. No doubt it will be social networking and cyberspace in which they will make contact, not by letter, envelope and stamp.

It would be great to see local cadets jetting off to the other side of the world, while Australian army cadets spend some time parading with our local cadets here in Galloway.

And the Newton Stewart cadets have sent presents to British troops in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

The main reason for sending gifts is that the battle group serving in the forward operation bases contains many sons of Galloway. At present, the Royal Scots Borderers and the Scots Guards are on a six-month tour, due to return in early March.

A letter of thanks was received this week from Regimental Sergeant Major Neil McClelland, of the Scots Guards. Neil is himself from Newton Stewart and he is an ex-member of Newton Stewart Army Cadet Force.

To find out more about the Australian Army Cadet Force: www.206acu.org.au/ or the UK Army Cadet Force: www.armycadets.com.