“Dangerous” litter causing concern for many parents

The rubbish found in Minnigaff this week
The rubbish found in Minnigaff this week

Parents and dog walkers have voiced their deep concern over litter found in local play parks and on public pathways in Minnigaff and Newton Stewart.

Although nothing new for the area, the mess is now deterring some families from using the spaces.

Pam Ross took the above photo and contacted The Gazette after taking her three boys, aged eight, five and two, to Minnigaff park on Sunday.

She said: “I was disgusted with the broken bottles and empty cans left lying around the skateboard ramps and the astro turf area. The way people disrespect places nowadays really gets my back up.

“In this day and age you don’t feel safe letting your children out to go off play with their friends on their own, so you take them to the play park thinking they can have some fun and be safe while they are with you but you find this. Not a happy mummy.”

On our Facebook page, some readers claimed this is a familiar scene across the town and that they don’t let their children play in certain parks.

One added that it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach their children not to do this, whilst others questioned why the community wardens and police don’t manage to tackle it.

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