Cycle path being reclaimed by undergrowth

Newton Stewart cycle path.
Newton Stewart cycle path.

Newton Stewart’s much-used cycle path by the River Cree is being reclaimed by undergrowth, leaving it tricky for two people to pass one another, say users.

The stretch of path between the A75 bridge and the Black Sheep buildings is so overgrown, two cyclists can no longer pass each other without riding into bushes.

Members of the public have contacted The Gazette to complain and say the path was so welcomed in the town, it would be a shame to see it forgotten.

One said: “It’s great, we use it for taking the kids out on their bikes and when it first opened a few years ago, there was so much room for everyone. Now, you have to walk right in the middle or risk being stung and scratched. But it’s still a wonderful thing to have.”

Another said: “I do try and break off the bigger weeds in my path and throw them to the side, but you don’t want to have to do that with nettles and brambles. One wonders wether this is the latest vicitim of council cuts.”

A council spokesperson said the grounds team would take a look and decide if the path required attention.