CVCC “parking courtesy” plea

The Cree Valley Community Council is to appeal to Newton Stewart Business Association to help resolve the problem of vehicles parking all day in the streets of Newton Stewart.

At Monday night’s meeting in the McMillan Hall a discussion about how to tackle the issue was hamstrung by the stance taken by both Dumfries and Galloway Council and Police Scotland.

The council have only the resources to implement disc parking zones in Stranraer and Dumfries and the police have stated that they will only get involved if a parked vehicle is causing an obstruction.

Given the current stalemate, CVCC member David Inglis suggested contacting the business association “as a last resort” to request that it contacts its members “to talk to their staff about parking courtesy”.

Many parking spaces in and around Victoria Street have been shut off due to ongoing construction work on the Old Town Hall and the riverside wall, but reports of people who work in the main street allegedly parking all day has exacerbated the situation.

Finding a site for ‘the shows’ to use, away for the Riverside Car Park, has to be resolved, members agreed at the monthly CVCC meeting.

There has been a pressing need to find an alternative site, away from the Riverside Car Park due to complaints about car parking spaces being taken up, for over two years but, as yet, there was no viable solution in sight.

The Minnigaff Playing Fields had often been mentioned as a suitable alternative if removable fence posts were installed to make access easier.

CVCC Chairman Clifford Smithers said that, as well as installing post and sockets, an area of hardstanding could be laid to allow heavy vehicles to turn. “It’s a public park, and it should be used as such,” he added.

CVCC member David Inglis suggested having a meeting on site to see what needed to be done and Mid Galloway Councillor Alistair Geddes suggested that the CVCC “spent some money on this as a goodwill gesture”.