CVCC notes

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TWO woman hoping to set up a children’s play centre in Minnigaff came to this month’s meeting of the Cree Valley Community Council to ask for the members support.

Stranrer-based Silvia Watson and her business partner Jane MacLeod, have applied to the council for permission to open a branch of the Wee Play Company in an empty warehouse at Creebridge Mills.

Original plans for the business were withdrawn a month after parking issues emerged, but a revamped application now takes in the whole building and the parking space has been increased accordingly. The play centre will be able to cater for up to to 16 children aged from babies to eight years old and the women are hoping to open for business in October, if planning permission is granted. It will operate on a pay at the door basis, and the children will only be able to enter and leave the premises though a secure gate if they are under supervision.

Members said they hoped the business venture would be a success.

Scottish Power have agreed to put on a “roadshow” in Mid Galloway to tell customers what they are doing to upgrade the electricity infrastructure in the area.

Mid Galloway Councillor Alistair Geddes told the members of the Cree Valley Community Council he had been “very impressed” by the performance of representatives of the utility giant at a special meeting with community leaders and elected members at the end of June, calling the meeting “positive and worthwhile”.

He said: “They took us through the work the were doing, circuit by circuit, and gave us a timescale.”

Councillor Geddes added that problems with power cuts in the mid and south Machars had been causing frustration among affected customers compounded by consumers receiving “no information“ as to why this was happening. But this glitch will be addressed by the travelling roadshow, said the concillor.

He added that there will also be a performance management group set up to “make sure they (Scottish Power) do what they have agreed to do in the timescale expected.”