Vandals target Whithorn School

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Police Scotland officers are investigating vandalism at Whithorn Primary School between 1200 hours and 1500 hours on Sunday, April 9.

Between these times, persons have attempted to set fire to a plastic bench, causing minor damage, tipped over a wooden gazebo, smashed flower pots, written graffiti on a wall and broken a window in the community centre.

Constable Adam Potts from Dumfries Police Office said: “Our enquires at this time suggest children may have been responsible for a number of these acts of vandalism. I would appeal to parents to speak to their own children and explain that damaging school property is likely to result in them being visited by the Police. Schools have CCTV and we will be reviewing this as part of our investigations. In the meantime I would ask that children stay out of the school grounds during the school holidays.

“Anyone with information about these crimes should contact their local Police Office via 101.”