Supermarket car park fine for good samaritan

Mr Thom with his parking fine
Mr Thom with his parking fine

A good samaritan from New Galloway who gave pensioners a lift to go shopping in Dumfries was stunned this week to get a £70 parking fine through the post.

John Thom, the vice-chairman of New Galloway Community Council, said he will raise the matter at the next community council meeting after he was 11 minutes outside the hour and a half limit now imposed at the Aldi supermarket car park.

Mr Thom said: “I was at Aldi’s in Dumfries three weeks ago but only got the £70 fine through the post on Tuesday. I had no idea about the time limit. I had a couple of pensioners with me to do their shopping and they are not the fastest on their feet, so an hour and half is not really long enough. I was also displaying a blue badge in the car park. There is nowhere else to park to go shopping there, unless you want a long walk. I assume a private company are doing this for Aldi which raised concerns about data protection. They must have had access to my name and address through taking a photo of my number plate to send me the fine. This is not even legally enforceable in Scotland.”

An Aldi spokesperson said: “Blue badge holders can contact our Customer Services team who will provide a permit which enables them to park for three hours while they shop in store. Additionally, customers who believe they have mitigating circumstances regarding any parking tickets issued by Parking Eye can appeal to us and we will review their case.

“We have car park management systems in place across a number of stores to encourage fair usage and ensure car parking availability for our customers. Customers can park free of charge at the Dumfries store for up to 90 minutes and are free to visit other local shops and amenities during this time.”