Awards for officers going above and beyond the call of duty

The award winners
The award winners

Police Scotland held a local awards ceremony at Divisional Headquarters in Dumfries on Tuesday 6 December 2016.

Awards were presented to officers and members of the public in recognition of their commitment to keeping people safe in Dumfries and Galloway.

The awards were presented by local policing commander for Dumfries and Galloway, Chief Superintendent Gary Ritchie who said “it was a privilege to hear about the breadth and scope of work being carried out by staff across the division, and an honour to recognise and meet people who have gone above and beyond what might otherwise be expected in a number of situations.

“Everyone who received an award should be proud of their efforts and the public should also take pride in those who are serving in their communities across the region.”

Sergeant Lynsey Nicolson and Constable Bruce Kemp – Above and Beyond

In August this year the partner of the victim contacted police to report that the victim had taken a drugs overdose and had collapsed and was unresponsive, she was at that time attempting CPR.

Constable Kemp attended at the property in Dumfries along with Sergeant Nicolson. On entering the property they observed the reporter carrying out chest compressions on the victim.

Constable Kemp without thought checked over the victim, found no pulse and no breaths, the male was grey in colour and his eyes rolled back into his head, he then commenced CPR.

Constable Kemp provided two breaths into the victim’s mouth where on the second breath the victim responded and commenced breathing for himself.

Ambulance attended and thereafter provided the relevant medical assistance. The male was subsequently conveyed to Dumfries Royal Infirmary where he remained overnight, making a full recovery.

Constable Kemp remained calm throughout and without doubt saved the life of the young male.

Sergeant Nicolson remained calm and assisted to remove the victim’s partner and children from the scene allowing Constable Kemp to continue CPR and providing reassurance to the family during a traumatic incident.

Constable Nicola Wilson and Constable William Boyce – Making a Difference

Constable Boyce has 14 years service within V Division and his core role is the Stranraer Academy Campus Officer. Constable Wilson has 17 years service within V Division and her core role is the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer covering Galloway.

The Stranraer branch of Police Scotland Youth Volunteers was started in June 2015. During this short period both William and Nicola have been the driving force behind the huge success that this group have achieved.

In April 2016 having been formed for less than a year the group competed in the 2016 PSYV Cumnock Awards.

They were a credit to not only themselves but also Police Scotland and went on to win the overall award for team commitment and endeavour a tremendous achievement having only been together a short period.

The group have also taken part in many local events such as Wickerman 2015, Stranraer Half Marathon, Stranraer 10K, Kirkcudbright Civic Week, Charity events, Remembrance Parades, to name but a few.

The group also carried out fund raising and were able to purchase a lifesaving defibrillator which is kept at Stranraer Academy.

They have also unertaken their own heart start training.

There is no doubt that the enthusiasm and commitment shown by Constables Boyce and Wilson has allowed the group to achieve these targets.

William and Nicola frequently change their working shifts to accommodate training/events and often work their weekends off to accommodate group events.

They also spend a considerable amount of their own time updating Facebook, arranging events, picking youths to attend certain events, administration duties, arranging transport dealing with partner agencies.

Both officers also have young families.

Retired Constable Alison Hannah – Making a Difference

Retired Constable Alison Hannah is receiving a Recognition Award for the work and commitment she has shown through her Campus Officer role, with the work she undertook having a direct effect on the community

Constable Hannah has undertook this role for a number of years but during 2015-2016 she extended her remit by taking on further schools within the Stewartry area.

This meant she took responsibility for five secondary schools whilst working part time hours, three days a week, showing continued commitment to all her schools.

The effect that Constable Hannahs’ work in this area has made can never be fully measured, but an indication of the respect she gained is clear in that she was invited to present the Douglas Ewart High Schools Awards at an event on 31st August this year, an honour which is usually bestowed upon retiring education staff.