Creetown’s vigilante behaviour to stop, says Inspector

A POLICE inspector has appealed to the people of Creetown to stop their “vigilante behaviour” against one man who has been blamed for a number of criminal acts recently.

Inspector David McCallum said that since the arrival of Jason McCulloch - also known as Jason Dempster - in the village, the community has blamed him for every unlawful incident and have broken his windows and splashed paint on his house.

Residents had contacted The Gazette voicing fears over their safety and claiming McCulloch had approached youngsters on the street, frightening them. Others claimed they’ve taken to double locking their front doors for the first time.

McCulloch was arrested and charged with a number of acts of criminality early in the week, said the Inspector, but he has become an easy target for blame over everything that happens within the village - regardless of his involvement.

He said: “It seems that if someone hears a noise in the night, they automatically blame Jason and our concern is the vigilante behaviour which his presence has sparked in Creetown, to the extent that the windows of the house he’s staying in have been broken and paint thrown across the house, and another concern is that youngsters have been swept up in this too.”

Inspector McCallum said that the situation has been blown out of proportion and that in a larger area, McCulloch’s behaviour wouldn’t be so prominent.

He said: “Creetown is a small and relatively crime-free place with a good community, but these people now need to step back and let the police do their job. We are not prepared to let people take the law into their own hands and we will take robust action against those who do - we have charged people over the smashing of windows and will continue to act on any more similar behaviour. Attacking him doesn’t help anyone, it just turns him into a victim too. We need to focus on the original crimes and not be diverted to dealing with vigilante acts and chasing those culprits.”

McCulloch’s behaviour has created an air of hysteria and fear which isn’t there in reality, said the Inspector, and which is being compounded by residents’ attitude towards him.

“We will work with agencies to taregt McCulloch’s behaviour and make him stop the acts of crime. We will liaise with the housing association and social work departments to make him change his ways and we ask that the people of Creetown have faith in our work and let us do it following the right routes with a measured and proportionate level of action.”