Creetown pupils praised

Education Scotland inspectors found pupils eager to learn at Creetown Primary School.

Inspectors was visited the school in the week beginning 14 September 2015 seeking to find out how well children are learning and achieving.

In a letter to parents, Education Scotland recognised the following strengths of the school:

• Very well behaved children who are eager to learn in and out of doors and are fully involved in the life of the school

• Children’s progress in the early learning and childcare setting, and in writing at the primary stages

• The quality of support for children who may need extra help with their learning

• The commitment of the staff team to professional learning and improvement.

Inspectors reported that, in the nursery, children achieve well. They found all children are polite and well behaved and across the primary stages, most understand what is to be learned and the purpose of their work. All children participate weekly in school citizenship groups, which is developing leadership and enabling them to take on responsibilities across the school.

The Education Scotland report indicated that children are making good progress in early mathematics and numeracy. At the primary stages, children are making good progress in reading and by P7; they are making very good progress in writing and in most features of mathematics and numeracy.

Inspectors asked the school to: continue to improve the curriculum to ensure that learning is relevant and that all children can make suitable progress across all areas, and to ensure that approaches to self-evaluation result in improvements for children at all stages.

Victoria Donnelly, chair of the school’s Parent Council, said, “The Education Scotland report highlights the strengths of the school and nursery. I’m delighted that inspectors found that children are making good progress. We are fortunate to have a committed team of staff to support our children.”

Joy Bell, Headteacher, said: “I’m incredibly pleased that Education Scotland has recognised the commitment of the school team in meeting the needs of all learners.”

All staff were praised for working well as a team, their commitment to improving the school, their reflection on pupils’ assessment information to plan learning for individuals across the school, and for the positive impact this is having on literacy and English language. They were asked to ensure this attention to detail is now applied across all areas of the curriculum.

The Headteacher was noted as a confident and caring leader, who is well respected by children, parents, staff and the local community, and who is well supported by the principal teacher and staff.

The school was praised for its engagement with a number of partners to enhance learning.

Education Scotland is confident that most of the school’s self-evaluation processes are leading to improvements.

Councillor Jeff Leaver, chairman of the Education Committee, said: “Providing the best start in life for all our children is a priority for our Council. So, I’m very pleased with Education Scotland’s positive report on Creetown Primary School. I’d like to thank and congratulate all staff and pupils who contributed towards this.”