Creetown inspires community in the east

A new initiative in the east of the region has taken its inspiration from Creetown.

The Moniaive Initiative has been set up as a vehicle to drive projects forward within the community, headed up by a small committee of volunteers who will manage any future employees .

And the Moniaive Initiative is looking towards Creetown Initiative as a model and also for guidance, given Creetown’s eight-year history with such a group in the community. In that time it has achieved £1.2 million of funding for projects including a community car and two community motorbikes.

John murray from the Moniaive Initiative said: “Our vision is to see such projects come our way too. The community suggestions put forward in the Glencairn Community Council Windfarm Questionaire are all being examined the Moniaive Initiative. Local housing, employment, tourism and infrastructure are a summary of the suggestions and are at the front of a list that the Moniaive Initiative believes achievable in the same way as Creetown, by employing the right person with the right skills and training to firstly seek out funding streams and then be capable - with committee help and following community consultation and endorsement - of delivering worthwhile and long lasting projects for our community.”