Creetown Country Weekend pulled for 2011

Time for a yarn and suss out the competition
Time for a yarn and suss out the competition

THE Creetown Country Music Festival has folded amid blame over a lack of support and sponsorship.

The festival, once one of the area’s most popular attractions in the autumn calendar, has hit rough times and organisers have given up trying to stage the 2011 event.

An official statement on the Country Weekend website said: “Unfortunately the 2010 Creetown Country Music Festival incurred a substantial loss, mainly due to lack of support and anticipated sponsorship/funding.

“We have operated the festival for 14 years with a voluntary committee and the impact of reduced working capital places us in a difficult position when considering planning this year’s festival.”

The statement continued: “Therefore we have taken the decision not to run the festival in 2011 but to concentrate on addressing the financial situation and plan for a quality festival in 2012.

“We have made many friends over the past 14 years and we know that this decision will be a great disappointment to a lot of people, but I hope you will appreciate the reasons for this decision.

“Finally we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has become part of the festival over the years, those attending, those visiting and those providing untold unpaid hours in the background.”

The festival hit controversy a few years ago after claims of underage drinking, riots and lack of attendance but many still saw it as a great weekend.

Re-enactment website The Shootists this week saw one user, called Scalphunter, say: “Creetown Country and Western Festival has gone down the pan. The closest thing to a country and western bash in Dumfries and Galloway will be the Whithorn Summer Activities dance in the new town hall. The Band of Brothers from Lodge City will be playing, all things being equal, and most of the locals will be dressing up for the gig.

“Why on earth do people tinker with a proven format, get greedy and mess up what was the area’s western highlight?”