Cree Studio wins communications award for DVD

John Alexander (Director Social Work Services, Stuart McHarg, Councillor Andy Ferguson, William Smyth and Martin Cawley (Turning Point Scotland)
John Alexander (Director Social Work Services, Stuart McHarg, Councillor Andy Ferguson, William Smyth and Martin Cawley (Turning Point Scotland)

Cree Studio in Newton Stewart has won the Association for Social Care Communicator’s 2012 award for best Social Media for their film ‘The Talents Within’.

The Studio is based within the town’s Activity and Resource Centre (ARC) and is a partnership project between Dumfries and Galloway Council and Turning Point Scotland.

The DVD was made to promote opportunities at Cree Studio for people who have complex communication needs, those who lack confidence because of their autism spectrum condition and the wider community.

The DVD showcases the work of the studio, illustrating the quality of music and short film production. It demonstrates how the project uses a personalised approach, enabling people to demonstrate their unique abilities and skills - the talents within.

Chair of Social Work Services Committee, Councillor Andy Ferguson said, “Cree Studio can be very proud of having their work acknowledged. The work they do is truly inspiring, allowing people’s creativity to shine through. I am very pleased that the DVD is meeting its aims and objectives, bringing a tangible increase in studio bookings from a wider audience including schools and those with personal budgets.”

Martin Cawley, Chief Executive of Turning Point Scotland said, “The studio’s success and development is largely down to the dedication, creativity and commitment of Paul Brown (Music Tutor,Turning Point Scotland) and Laurie McQueen (Care Assistant, Newton Stewart ARC) in supporting participants to develop their creative skills.. Congratulations to everyone involved for their achievement.”

John Alexander, Director Social Work Services, said “Cree Studio is a unique and innovative music and short film project involving young people and adults with autism spectrum conditions and/or learning and physical disabilities. The vision for the project is a facility which delivers personalised outcomes for local people who take part and which involves the community in its work.

“It is a project which inspires new ways of working across departments, organisations, businesses and the local community within the ethos of the ‘Changing Lives’ agenda.”

Judges’ comments included: “Dumfries and Galloway’s ‘Cree Studio - the talents within’ DVD is an outstanding winner. The DVD sets out to showcase the work of the studio in supporting music and short film production for young people and adults to realise their potential while also serving the wider community. Driven by high production values, the DVD is well conceived, designed and co-produced with service users in a simple, but creative and effective format. Top marks for this quietly powerful and captivating social media marketing tool.”