‘Crafty’ plans for Newton Stewart distillery

How the finished distillery will look if granted planning permission
How the finished distillery will look if granted planning permission

An enterprising Newton Stewart businessman is hoping to keep the populaton of Galloway in fine spirits by creating a new distillery.

Thirty-seven year old Graham Taylor, Managing Director of Crafty Scottish Distillers, hopes to see his dreams become reality by getting planning permission to built the distillery and get it into production within six months.

Graham said: “I think it’s time for everyone to be able to enjoy high quality craft spirits, that deliver big on flavours at sensible prices. The distillery, planned to be built near Newton Stewart and aiming to begin production early 2016, is forming a crafty plan to create unique, quality spirits from scratch using new technology and locally sourced grain.

“Our mission is to create tasty and honest spirits for everyone who likes a tipple. There’ll be no twirling moustaches or over the top histories on our bottles and we’ll make sure that all our products are served with a large slice of humour.”

“We choose Galloway as the location for the distillery for it’s clean air, fresh water, natural beauty and access to locally grown ingredients. Having grown up here I can think of no better place to start this venture.”

With a name like Crafty it’s tempting to think corners might be cut when it comes to quality but Taylor champions the ‘grain to glass’ process.

“Most gin, for example, is made by buying in factory produced spirit which is then mixed with the botanicals. Instead, we’ll make our own base spirit from scratch using local grain. This means we can mess about with the flavours more and craft something that really stands out.”

The bolt of inspiration in the Crafty logo isn’t just for show either. Their approach will bring new distilling technology and different products to the booming Scottish spirits market.

“Scotland has always had a knack of being at the forefront of invention, and we wanted to carry on this tradition of innovation, which is why you’ll also notice the bolt icon within the logo is cunningly shaped like a map of Scotland. Taylor said. “Having now acquired a unique distillery setup, we’re confident this new technology combined with our fresh approach will bring new and appealing products to the market.”

Drawing on their previous experience in the design and advertising fields they have created a bold but down to earth visual style for the brand that’s already caught the eye of some large retailers.

“We’re confident our spirits will stand out on the shelf for all the right reasons, but we also want the stuff inside the bottle to stand out too. To develop our own unique spirits we’re teaming up with local botanist and crafty distilling expert to find new and different ways to flavour our spirits.”

Plans have been submitted to build the modern distillery just outside Newton Stewart. Taylor said. “The sloping site will be excavated to allow the glass fronted distillery to sit back into the hillside, allowing it to blend in with the environment and benefit from the great views. We have also added a grass roof which not only looks good, but helps keep the building warmer in winter, and cooler in summer.”

The distillery will also feature a tasting room, to encourage visitors to get to know what we are all about, taste our products and enjoy the views out to the Galloway hills.

Crafty is currently in product development with construction on the distillery planned to begin Winter 2015. The first spirit to be produced will be a premium flavoured gin, with vodka, and whisky also planned to follow.