Court hears of ‘bizarre’ behaviour

A binge drinker who dropped his trousers in a Newton Stewart nightspot appeared at the sheriff court in Stranraer on Tuesday to admit six offences.

Thursday, 23rd May 2013, 4:38 pm

Twenty-year-old Andrew Blain, of Bailliewhir Cottage, pled guilty to being in a state of undress in the Crown Hotel on December 29 last year, refusing to dress when requested to do so and refusing to leave the premises when asked.

The accused also admitted assaulting Peter Allison at the same venue by trying to punch him on the head, punching and spitting at James Lochhead and spitting at Scott Costley.

After he was arrested, Blain then shouted, swore and repeatedly kicked the custody cage of a police van he was decanted into, damaging the inside of the van.

Procurator fiscal Bob Morrison told the court that the accused was approached by security staff on the premises at around 1am that night after they noticed his trousers were round his ankles.

He was told to get dressed and leave, but he objected to this and from that point his behaviour deteriorated.

Defending, solicitor Paul Feeney said that alcohol had fuelled his offending that night and, chastened by the experience, he had only been drinking on a couple of occasions since the event in an attempt to address his bingeing.

The lawyer added that his client would have been wise to heed the bouncers’ advice when they warned him about his 
“bizarre behaviour” on the night in question.

Sheriff Kenneth Robb deferred sentence on the accused for background reports to be compiled and the case will be called again on June 18.