Couple unfit to watch kids

A Stranraer couple who were so intoxicated they were unfit to look after their own children were given community payback orders this week.

Ashley McCreadie, 25, and Robert Morton, 24, of McDowall Drive, admitted the charges from December 17 and Morton also admitted being in possession of between £160 and £200 worth of amphetamine on 
December 18.

The court heard that police had been called to their home and found the pair heavily intoxicated with either drugs or alcohol.

Lawyer Paul Feeney said the children had been removed from the couple’s care as a 
consequence and placed with Morton’s mother. He added that both were now off drugs and that McCreadie has obtained a work placement while Morton is taking on the childcare.

He said the couple had made a “grave error”.

Sheriff Kenneth Robb imposed payback orders with 12-month supervision orders, and a fine of £100.