Councillors told to prepare for £20m budget cuts

At the meeting of Dumfries and Galloway Council next week (Thursday 17 December), Councillors will be provided with an update on the Council’s Financial Strategy, with a stark warning to prepare to make savings of over £20 m during the forthcoming financial year.

The Scottish Government will be announcing details of its budget for financial year 2016/17 and also provide details of the grant settlement for individual councils on 16 December.

The council say indications are that the level of funding being made available to councils will be significantly reduced, beyond the level that was predicted and will require a significant level of further savings to be identified.

At the meeting of Dumfries and Galloway Council, Councillors will be provided with details of the financial settlement for our council and the exact level of savings our council will have to achieve during 2016/17.

However, current estimates in the report suggest the savings target could range from a 4% cut in the council’s grant from the Scottish Government which would require £19.723m of savings to a 6% reduction, which would require £22.655m of savings.

The council say that while operational savings are being maximised, the savings cannot be achieved without reductions in services.

Council Leader, Ronnie Nicholson, said: “It is clear that this will be the single biggest cut in council funding in a generation.”