Councillors left high and dry over flood trailer news

Cree Valley Community Council members have voiced concern that they were not informed of the delivery of a flood trailer for Newton Stewart in time to attend its arrival.

The trailer arrived at the start of the month but no members were contacted directly. Instead, secretary Diann Hughes was sent a generic press release but not in time for members to hear about it before their next meeting so they could arrange to attend.

Richard Kay said: “The first I knew about it was when I saw it in the Gazette. I’d have liked a look inside it to see what it had.”

Diann, who is also on the town’s resilience committee, said the committee hadn’t met since March 2013.

She said the committe had been trying unsuccessfully to get Alistair Speedie, director of planning and environment services, to attend another meeting.

Council member Clifford Smithers said: “I just don’t think this is good enough. We can’t get people like this to come and speak to us. It’s like they just don’t care.”