Councillors commit to the future of Kirkcudbright Art Gallery

At the meeting of Policy and Resources committee today, Dumfries and Galloway Councillors confirmed their commitment to the Kirkcudbright Art Gallery Project.

Members agreed to allocate additional funding to the Project of £170,000.

The case for developing Kirkcudbright Art Gallery so that it is a centre ‘of national significance’ is built around:-

• The town’s national heritage

• Redevelopment of the Town Hall and also a heritage asset;

• Community learning opportunities, and

• Economic benefits to the region (estimated to be £734k/annum)

At the committee, councillors were happy to endorse the business plan and were pleased with the direction of travel of the project.

Chair of Policy and Resources committee, Cllr Ronnie Nicholson, said: “Building the local economy is the number one priority of our council and investing in our key infrastructure and providing attractive locations for tourism is crucial to achieving this. The decision taken by Members shows a significant level of commitment from the council to invest in Kirkcudbright.”