Councillor slams power company’s infrastructure

It is hoped Scottish Power can upgrade existing equipment
It is hoped Scottish Power can upgrade existing equipment
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DANGEROUS infrastructure around Kirkcolm is being blamed by Scottish Power customers for constant outages and sparking of electricity from applicances, it was was claimed this week.

Stranraer and North Rhins councillor Iain Dick said that following a number of complaints from his constituents, he is demanding that Scottish Power review their infrastructure in the area.

He said: “I have written to the Chief Executive of Scottish Power following some the alarming reports from a number of my constituents in the Kirkcolm Area regarding both the recent number of power outages and also the possible electricity infrastructure problems.”

The councillor listed the issues to be the frequency and number of power failures to households that “seem to be proportionately higher than other areas in the North Rhins”; reports of arcing of electricity between power lines; sparking at electric appliances and power surges that may have caused the destruction of electrical appliances such as condenser units on dairy equipment and turbine control boards.

He also listed discharges into the ground which he said give rise to fears for the safety of farming animal stock and wildlife, along with the age and state of repair of infrastructure, the ability of existing infrastructure to cope with an increasing number of households and finally the difficulties experienced by power customers in contacting Scottish Power.

He continued: “I have, therefore, asked that Scottish Power review their electrical infrastructure in this area in order to establish the adequacy of equipment in light of these complaints on health and safety grounds and hope that this power supplier looks at the issue with a high degree of urgency.”

Scottish Power will hold a meeting with MP Russell Brown to discuss improving infrastructure in the area this week.