Councillor endorses Cree hatchery

Stranraer and North Rhins Councillor Marion McCutcheon has endorsed the River Cree Hatchery and Habitat Trust as an “excellent educational visit” for local pupils.

This comes after Councillor McCutcheon visited the Trust last Wednesday. In March 2010 members of Newton Stewart Angling Association established the hatchery and habitat project due to the declining numbers of Atlantic salmon in The River Cree and its tributaries. In June 2011 the Hatchery was granted Charitable Status as a Trust and the running of the hatchery and habitat project was devolved from the Newton Stewart Angling Association to the River Cree Hatchery and Habitat Trust, Registered Charity.

During her visit, Councillor McCutcheon was taken through the hatchery process from start to finish. She saw the tanks where the female fish were kept, the eggs in in the hatchery as well as when the baby salmon, known as “the fry”, are released into the burns.

On her visit, Councillor McCutcheon said: “It was a great experience. I learnt a lot about the work of the Trust and how its work has boosted the local salmon population. Having an increasing salmon population is important, not just to local fishermen but to the local economy as it will attract fishermen from across the region. However, it would be wrong just to focus on the salmon side of the Trust. The Trust also does excellent environmental work thanks to its habitat restoration work.

“After spending time with the volunteers, I really appreciate the work they do and can see that they are really passionate about it. I know I learnt a lot during my visit to the Trust and I would encourage local schools to take advantage of having these facilities on their door step. I believe it would be an excellent education visit for local pupils.”