Councillor calls on improved relations with English councils

Scottish Conservative councillor Ivor Hyslop has spoken about the importance of improving trade relations with nearby English councils.

His comments come after a new consultation, set up to examine the issue of how trade links can be improved, was recently launched.

The Borderlands Consultation will also examine ways in which the long-term neglect of Scottish borderlands, including Dumfries and Galloway, can be addressed.

Councillor Ivor Hyslop has accused the Scottish Government of putting productivity in Dumfries and Galloway at risk because of their desire for independence.

At present, many traders in Dumfries and Galloway enjoy strong working relationships with businesses in the north of England.

Despite SNP claims to the contrary, the uncertainty of independence would put that all at risk.

Scottish Conservative Dumfries and Galloway group leader Ivor Hyslop said:

“It is vital for the long term prosperity of this region that trade between southern Scotland and North England is encouraged.

“Many residents in my area have expressed their concerns about the damage independence could do to trade relations with England.

“There are real opportunities for our trade relations with nearby English Councils to be improved further, by improving tourism links and business relations with our English neighbours.

“With their designs for independence, the Nationalists want to isolate people in Dumfries and Galloway even more.

“I hope this consultation will lead to improved trade opportunities with nearby councils and this in turn will help bring prosperity to the region.”