Councillor calls for ashes answers

Following the revelations unearthed by the BBC where baby ashes have been secretly disposed of from crematoriums, a local councillor has asked if Dumfries and Galloway Council were in any way involved in such secretive practices.

Councillor Scobie has written to Customer and Community Services and the Head of Legal Services to ask if Dumfries and Galloway have adhered to creatorium legislation or have in plce reulations to advise private crematoriums.

Councillor Scobie has also asked if any complaints have been lodged concerning the immoral practice.

He said: “BBC Scotland has revealed immoral practices where baby ashes have been disposed of in secret without the parent/s knowledge as to where the ashes were scattered.

“This practice seems to have been widespread throughout Scotland and while the Council has no crematorium under its direct control, I have asked what legislation, regulation and or code of guidance is provided to private crematoriums that are used by parent/s within Dumfries and Galloway to ensure that strict moral practices are observed.

“I have also asked if any complaints have been lodged within the past 5 years of so that would indicate there is a problem in Dumfries and Galloway where such immoral practices have taken place similar to that of other areas in Scotland.”

Councillor Scobie has asked for an early reply so he can consider if any further action is required.