Council to carry out road resurfacing

Dumfries and Galloway Council said this week the authority will set about repairing the region’s roads as part of a

‘surface dressing programme’ beginning on Wednesday (6 May).

The authorty appealed to drivers by saying: “Motorists play a key role in the success of surface dressing. So, pay attention to signs, stick to the prescribed speed limit, and drive slowly over newly surface dressed roads – this will improve the quality of the new surface and reduce the possibility of damage to your vehicle’s bodywork, windscreens and tyres.

“As well as contributing to the success of surface dressing, the speed restrictions are for the safety and protection of motorists, pedestrians, vehicles and the road workers.”

The council will be spending over £2.8m on surface dressing this year and, during May, June and July, just over 1 million square metres of road will be treated with around 15,000 tonnes of chips and around 2 million litres of bitumen being added to the road surfaces, it said.